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Sunday 11 December 2016

Sheep marts: Sales boom goes on with cull ewes at s155

Joe Healy

Published 10/05/2011 | 05:00

The strong mart trade continued across the country for sheep over the past week for all categories. Cull ewes hit a high of €155. Up to €330 was paid for ewes with twin lambs at foot while ewes with singles fetched as high as €240. Hoggets sold to €155 while good lambs were freely making in excess of €100 over the weight or more than €3/kg.

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Top price at Athenry yesterday was €150 for 48kg. Most sold between €90-97 over the €/kg. This was probably slightly back on the trade of last week. It was a similar story down in Fermoy where €150 was paid for 49kgs and €152 paid for 53kgs. The well-finished lamb generally sold for €90-99 over.

Spring lambs sold between €90-102 over the weight at Mountbellew Mart. The top price was €155.50 for 53.5kgs. Hoggets were a bit all over the place with the best selling up to €76 over. The general run sold from €55-65 over while up to €77 over was paid for ewe hoggets. A large number of stags met an improved trade, especially for heavier lots. Prices ranged from €78-148. Sample prices for ewes with lambs at foot were: five third crop ewes with 10 lambs at foot made €242 each; five first crop ewes with five lambs at foot made €246 each; a second crop ewe with a single lamb made €190; two first-crop ewes with four lambs made €288 each.

Up to €155 was paid for ewe hoggets at Enniscorthy Mart. Butcher and factory hoggets made €75-88 over with the stores selling for €65-83 with the weight. Spring lambs made €88-100 over the €/kg.

Heavy cull ewes sold from €100-150 with the lots for further feeding making €50-88 each. Ewes with twin lambs made €175-270. Single lambs and their mothers sold for €137-220/unit.

At Maam Cross, a top price of €230 was paid for ewes with lambs at foot. Older lots sold back to €85. Spring lamb was selling for €130-135/hd. Hoggets were generally making around €80 each.

There was an excellent trade reported for a smaller than normal turnout of sheep at Kilkenny Mart.

Even though hogget supplies continue to be of varying quality, one lot made up to €103 over when €155 was paid for 52kg. The rest sold from this back to €83 over in a range of €2.60-2.98/kg. Prices for the young lambs went from €90-103 over with most making between €2.85-3.23/kg. Some fat cull ewes made up to €155. Feeders sold back to €50 each. Good interest drove prices for ewes with lambs at foot to a range of €200-250/unit.

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Dowra Mart had 600 sheep on offer last Saturday. Ewes with two lambs at foot made €240-330 for ewes with doubles while young ewes with single lambs sold for €180-240 each. Hoggets made from €100-145 each with a few choice pens making up to €160 each. Cull ewe prices ran from €90-125 for the heavy ewes with lighter ewes for feeding making from €60-85 each.

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