Farm Ireland

Tuesday 25 July 2017

Farmers weighing up TAMS options

With cattle handling equipment grants available for the next five years under TAMS II, Irish farmers will be weighing up their options.

While the grant aid will rarely cover the full cost of the equipment involved, it will often cover the majority of the outlay.

Irish equipment manufacturers such as Gibney's in Meath are already gearing up to cope with the expected increase.

Business founder, Oliver Gibney plans to invest close to €1.5m in new facilities over the next 12 months, with staff numbers also expected to rise to over 50 at the Oldcastle premises.

"We saw the impact of the last TAMS on sales here, especially on safety features such as the head scoops. In eight weeks, we sold 100 of the KO Doser designed by Irishman Vincent Kiernan, which has clutch rachet system that allows quick release. It sells for €440 plus VAT," he said.

Grant aid of €379 is available on this item through TAMS.

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