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Sunday 22 January 2017

Sales smaller but prices stay very strong across the board

High demand for quality stores and fleshy stock

Joe Healy

Published 30/11/2011 | 06:00

Sales were smaller this week but there's still no let up on the strong prices for all categories. Quality stores and well-fleshed stock were in demand. Good heavy continental lots were making €2.15-2.40/kg with plainer lots selling for €1.80-2.10/kg. Beef heifers sold for €1.80-2.25/kg. Stores generally made €1.80-2.30/kg, with the store bullocks making up to €2.40/kg. Plainer types ranged from €1.75-2.10/kg. Top quality cull cows reached a high of €2.14/kg. Farmer and exporter interest in the weanlings ensured all marts reported an extremely lively trade.

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Numbers for sale were down at Ballinakill Mart but trade remained strong, especially for the fancy cattle. The plainer sorts were a little easier probably due to most of the farmers having their cattle bought. Cull cows were selling for €1.20-1.70/kg. Weanling heifers made €1.70-2.15. Bulls sold for €1.90-2.30/kg. Store heifers were moving at €1.70-2.20/kg, with the well-fleshed types making €1.85-2.25/kg.

Kilkenny Mart had a small sale of 660hd. The best of the trade was probably for the cull cows where prices ranged from €1.65-2.14/kg. Friesians sold for €0.76-1.70/kg. Heavy continental steers over 600kg were selling for €2.20-2.37/kg, with a pen of 14 655kg Friesian bullocks making €2.17/kg. Forward stores made €2.11-2.32/kg. Lighter stores ranged from €1.90-2.67/kg. Friesian stores sold up to €1.90/kg.

Heavy bulls over 500kg made €2-2.58/kg at Ballina Mart. Quality continental bulls from 400-500kg were making €2.26-2.73/kg. Lighter bulls of 300-400kg made €2.06-2.84 /kg, while the 200-300kg lots moved for €2.11-3.54/kg. Weanling heifers over 400kg were making €1.97-2.67. Heifers from 300-400kg made €1.94-3.28/kg. Light heifers sold for €2.14-3.17/kg.

At the cattle sale, the heavy heifers over 500kg were making €1.65-2.54/kg with lighter and plainer heifers from 350-500kg making €2.06-2.55/kg. Heavy continental bullocks above 500kg made €2.03-2.43/kg.

Heavy steers at Tuam Mart sold for €880-1,290 with their weight, or €2.12-2.46/kg. Lighter lots made €1.77-2.55/kg. Finished heifers were selling for €2.04-2.19/kg with lighter types making up to €2.40/kg.

Cattle prices continued on an upward trend at Dowra Mart with 680 cattle on offer last Saturday. Forward store heifers made €450-750 over their weight while a selection of quality type heifers suitable for breeding made €800-1,200 over. Weanling heifers were selling for €350-650 with the weight, with a few fancy lots making up to €900 over. Store bullocks sold for €450-850 over the €/kg, while heavy weanling bulls made €500-900 over. Lighter bulls were making €350-700 over the €/kg.

Bull weanlings at Carnew made €350-910 over the weight or €2.15-3.05/kg, while the heifer weanlings sold for €280-700 over, reflecting €2.20-3.02/kg. Strong demand for beef cattle had the good steers selling for €550-1,000 over the €/kg. Beef heifers made €450-840 over, with the stores moving at €360-770 with the weight. Cull cows ranged from €250-850 over.

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The best of the heavy bulls made €510-1,255 over the weight up in Raphoe. Well-fleshed steers ranged from €655-1,005 over. Stores sold for €250-855 with the €/kg. In the heifer ring, the stores were making €250-615 with the weight, while the beef types made €565-870 over. Cull cows sold for €600-1,530.

On Saturday, Balla Mart had 809 cattle on offer with 449 weanlings at Tuesday's sale. Bullocks were in great demand especially the bullocks of 600kg plus, which sold for €1.91-2.82/kg. Trade for heifers was strong with some good quality heavy heifers making €2.03-2.28/kg, or €630-955, with their weight.

In Ballymote, the weanling heifers sold for €280-550 with the €/kg. The bulls made €320-765 over. Bullocks sold for €400-815 over the €/kg, while heifers ranged from €320-670 with their weight.

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