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Saturday 24 June 2017

Quinns in €340/t bid for oilseed rape deals

Caitriona Murphy

Caitriona Murphy

Tillage growers are being offered forward contracts worth €340/t for next year's oilseed rape harvest.

The price, on offer from Quinns of Baltinglass, is available to growers for either spring or winter oilseed rape and is based on a moisture content of 9pc.

Glanbia spokesman Eugene Woodbyrne said the company would not decide on a contract price until futures markets settled down. However, he added that the indicative prices were in excess of €300/t at present.

A yield of 2t/ac is considered a good yield.

Interest in oilseed rape is growing strongly, as farmers realise its potential as a valuable break crop on continuous tillage farms.

In one study carried out by Glanbia, the yield of wheat sown after oilseed rape increased by 1t/ac. With a bushel weight of 80kph at 19 to 19.5pc, the crop was located on a Gorey farm that had been in continuous cereals since 1990.

"Farmers could consider setting 25pc of their tillage land to oilseed rape," said Mr Woodbyrne. "There are good prices on offer and the payback in cereal yields should be built in.

"Taking the average price over the past five years, oilseed rape has outperformed cereals."

He warned growers not to sign contracts before the crop was sown because of the risk that they would be liable for the crop even if sowing was prevented by adverse weather.

Quinns of Baltinglass has set a target of 1,000ac of oilseed rape for the 2011 harvest, an increase of approximately 50pc on the 2010 harvest.

The Quinns contract offer of €340/t is up from €290-300/t available last year.

"Interest is growing because of the quite poor yields from continuous wheat," explained a spokesman for Quinns.

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