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Tuesday 25 April 2017

Pulling power as show lures crowds

Gerry Cosgrove, and his sons Daniel (12) and Cian (11) from Balinasloe, Galway at The FTMTA Grass & Muck Show 2016 at Gurteen College, Tipperary. Photo: Damien Eagers.
Gerry Cosgrove, and his sons Daniel (12) and Cian (11) from Balinasloe, Galway at The FTMTA Grass & Muck Show 2016 at Gurteen College, Tipperary. Photo: Damien Eagers.
Jim Ward and Jim Tyrell
Brian Walsh from Naas, Co Kildare
Tony and Michael Smith, Cappoquinn, Co Waterford
John Sally, Broadford, Co Kildare
Mary O' Callaghan, Millstreet, Co Cork
Padraig O' Connor, Millstreet, Co Cork (centre), with his son Neil and his friend Jim.
John Kelly, Saggart, Co Dublin
Mark Gorry, Kilbeggan, Co Westmeath

Derek Casey shoots the breeze with some visitors at this year's FTMTA Grass & Muck show

Padraig O'Connor, Millstreet, Co Cork


"We came up to have a look at the machinery. We are beef farming at home in Millstreet but I have an off-farm job as well. I'm on the market for a quick attach type hitch that will allow me to get implements on and off faster, I'm meeting someone about it today at the show. I'll probably buy it. My day job in security means I only get back to the farm at five in the evening, so I need the right machinery to be able to work quickly. I brought my son, Neil, and his friend, Jim, up as well. They love the machinery. I haven't had time to think about the new Government! I wouldn't be a fan of the Endapendents."

Tony and Michael Smith, Cappaoquin, Co Waterford


"We are working for farmers all our lives, but we don't own farms ourselves. This is our third or fourth time at Grass and Muck. We go to all the shows, usually just to have a look at the machinery in action. The Government won't change the fact that beef prices are so bad so it doesn't really bother us whoever is in. It took us two hours to come up from Cappoquin, so we are having the flask of tea now before going in. The traffic was well managed."

Mary O' Callaghan, Millstreet, Co Cork


"It's my first time at the show. I'm not farming myself but I have relations in farming so I keep an eye on things in the sector. I work in health myself. I'll be a window shopper today! I don't think machinery sales will grind to a halt just because prices are poor. Machinery will always be needed in good and bad times."

John Kelly, Saggart, Co Dublin


"I'm a beef farmer. We are in a difficult price situation at the minute. I lost confidence in politics a good while ago, when I was younger I used to be more interested in it. I'm on the market for a new slurry spreader today. I'll either go trailing shoe or umbilical this time. My old spreader owes me nothing, it must be 30 years old. My neighbours in Dublin will love me if I get a trailing shoe spreader because it will cut down on the smells! The best part about this show is the live demonstrations, you can't beat them. I'm going in now to have a look."

Brian Walsh, Naas, Kildare


"I'm here working, I work with Granning Axles based in Naas. We manufacture axles for a whole heap of the best known names in trailer manufacturing. The likes of Broughan Engineering and Smyth Trailers would be customers of ours. I'm here to meet a few customers at the show. Trailer sales are booming; the recent regulations are prompting many farmers and contractors to buy new trailers. There isn't much point in doing up an old trailer if it costs too much."

Jim Ward, Castlepollard (right) and Jim Tyrell, Mullingar, Westmeath


"We've been going to shows together like this one for about 50 years. Would you believe we haven't had one row in that time? We are both contractors. Between us we do lime spreading, silage harvesting, hedge cutting, even sheep shearing at one stage. We'd be regulars to Grass & Muck, this is our third time here. (Mr Tyrell) I bought a new Fusion baler this year and a new Krone mower. But that doesn't rule me out today; if the price is right I might buy again. We'll have a look around now and then go back home by Tullamore and stop off for a feed."

John Sally, Broadford, Co Kildare


"I'd be a regular here, I've been to the last three before this one as well. I'm a silage contractor but I'm a farmer as well. I run a Krone Big M self propelled mower and a Claas 890 self propelled forage harvester. I do a lot of tillage work as well. Diesel prices are lower than this time last year, it's some good news for us, but insurance costs are more than making up for it."

Mark Gorry, Kilbeggan, Co Westmeath


"I'm not a farmer myself, but you could say I'm in the extended industry. I work as an accountant with Dunbia. I won't be buying anything today. I'm really only here today because my two sons have such an interest in machinery. One of them is aged 20, the other is aged four and they both love machines."

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