Farm Ireland

Monday 24 April 2017

Profitable returns to be found at National Beef Conference

'Achieving Profitability from Beef at Farm Level' is the theme for the upcoming Teagasc National Beef Conference which will take place on Tuesday, April 5 in Cillin Hill, Livestock Mart, Kilkenny.

The opportunities for Irish beef producers will be explored and the steps necessary to achieve profit from beef at farm level will be discussed.

"Profitable returns across the entire production chain will be key to ensure the Food Harvest 2020 target of a 20pc increase in output value for the beef sector is achieved. CAP reform post 2013 and Mercosur trade talks will be critical to the future of both Irish and EU beef producers," said Bernard Smyth, Teagasc beef specialist.

This conference will challenge both the industry and farmers in what needs to be achieved to restore profitability at farm level.

The conference will focus on the potential of grazed grass, being proactive in the animal health area, concentrating on breeding efficiency and breed improvement in the beef cow herd.

The potential for increased AI use on suckler farms to increase production in the beef herd will be explored in the final session of the conference. A live exhibit of AI progeny along with an open discussion forum will take place in the afternoon.

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