Monday 21 April 2014

Prices rise by €10-40/hd for the second week in a row at marts

It was another good week at the cattle marts, with price increases of €10-40/hd reported in many places. Finished cattle sold for €2.00-2.50/kg in general, with heavy well-fleshed Continental cull cows often breaking the €2/kg mark.

Quality stores sold for €2.10-2.70 while plainer lots moved at €1.60-2.00/kg. The best export-type weanling commanded prices of up to and over €3/kg. Continental bull weanlings for the domestic market sold for €2.20-2.70/kg. Lesser quality animals made €1.70-2.00/kg. Suckler springers sold for €1,300-1,500.

Ballinakill Mart had 300 cattle on offer, where prices for quality bull weanlings increased by €10-20/hd. Heavy bullocks sold for €2.00-2.60/kg. Forward stores sold for €1.80-2.70/kg. Lighter types made from €1.70-3.10/kg, depending on breed and quality.

Beef heifers traded at €2.00-2.50/kg and stores sold for €1.70-2.80/kg. Weanling bulls moved at €1.90-2.70/kg while the heifers made €1.60-2.40/kg. Cull cows sold for €1.50-2.00/kg.

Trade was slightly easier for the 600 cattle on offer at Dowra Mart on Saturday. Forward store bullocks made €1.80-2.45/kg and lighter stores made €1.90-2.70/kg. Weanling bulls over 500kg sold for €1.90-2.40/kg and lighter lots made €2.00-2.80/kg.

A few fancy lots made up to €3.30/kg. Forward store heifers sold for €2.00-2.40/kg and lighter stores made €1.70-2.50/kg. Weanling heifers sold for €1.80-2.70/kg and some quality lighter lots sold for €2.90/kg.

Good cull cows sold for €1.70-2.10/kg, while older, thinner cows made €1.00-1.60/kg.

At Ballymote Mart, steers under 400kg made €350-700 over their weight and lots weighing 400-500kg made €425-740 over the €/kg. Bullocks of 500-600kg bullocks sold for €500-720 over.

Heavier lots made up to €2.21/kg. Heifers under 500kg made €350-660 with the weight. Heavy lots sold up to €750 over the €/kg. Suckler springers sold for €1,350-1,500/hd.

Store cull cows made from €300 under the weight (for backward Freisian types) up to €100 over. Well fleshed types sold for €200-645 over the €/kg.

Light weanling bulls sold for €315-550 with their weight. Lots from 300-400kg sold for €400-725 over or as high as €3.23/kg. Heifers under 300kg made €300-605 with the €/kg. The 300-400kg types made from €325-575 over.

On Saturday, Balla Mart had more than 950 lots on offer, including a record number of cull cows. Heifers met the best of the trade and prices for these improved by €20-30/hd.

Heavy steers made €1.38-2.72/kg. Stores sold for €1.43-2.86/kg. Heifers sold for €1.67-2.88/kg. The best cull cows hit a high of €2,140 or a massive €2.32/kg, while the top suckler price was €1,750.

More than 700 weanlings were entered in the special U and R sale. Quality light bulls sold for €2.50-3.41/kg, while heavier bulls made €2.40-3.26/kg. Plainer lots made €1.82-2.20/kg. Heavy weanling heifers traded at €2.33-3.21/kg. Lighter lots sold for €1.61-3.24/kg.

At Enniscorthy Mart, prices were increased by €30-50/hd. Beef bullocks sold for €1,275-1,670 or €650-1,050 with the weight. Stores made €150-850 over.


Finished heifers sold for €550-860 over the €/kg. Store heifers made €300-635 over. Bull weanlings sold for €600-700 with the weight. Cull cows made €100-500 over. In the suck calf sale, Continental bull calves made €330-530 and heifers made €275-410. Friesian bulls sold for €160-275. Angus and Hereford bulls made from €260-425. Heifers sold for €240-385.

A lively trade at Tuam Mart saw heavy continental steers sell for €2.14-2.44/kg. Lighter Continentals sold for €1.94-2.44/kg.

Coloured weanling bulls made €2.10-2.60/kg while heifers sold for €2.10-2.30/kg. Well-fleshed factory heifers made €1.85-2.23/kg and stores sold for €2.10-2.50/kg. Cull cows topped out at €1,500.

Top class bulls over 600kg made €515-1,000 over the weight up in Raphoe. Beef bullocks sold for €650-710 over. Stores sold for €320-770 over the €/kg. Beef heifers sold for €545-875 with their weight. Stores made €280-620 over. Prices for cull cows ran from €700/hd to €1,750/hd.

Carnew Mart had 580 weanlings on offer and prices increased by €20-30/hd. Weanling bulls made €350-960 over the weight.

Heifers made €320-740 over. Prices also improved by €20-30/hd in the main cattle sale. Beef and forward store bullocks made €750-1,150 with their weight.

Finished heifers made from €620-1,060 over the €/kg. Store heifers made €320-770 with the weight. Cull cows sold for €120-870 over.

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