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Thursday 20 July 2017

Powerful spraying options

John Deere's new 4400-litre capacity trailed sprayer.
John Deere's new 4400-litre capacity trailed sprayer.
Derek Casey

Derek Casey

A new 4400-litre capacity trailed sprayer from John Deere has been launched in Ireland.

The R900 and M900 series sprayers replace the previous 800 series trailed models, which are due to stop production later this year.

The latest models offer the same basic features as the larger M and R series sprayers up to 6200 litres, but with a smaller tank size.

Both new versions have the same low profile tank design and low centre of gravity for maximum stability under all spraying conditions, while the established axle steering system provides accurate tracking on the headlands to reduce wheeling damage.


Powerful, high-capacity twin piston diaphragm sprayer pumps supply liquid at 560 litres/minute for fast automatic filling and spraying.

An optionally available centrifugal pump boosts filling capacity up to 700 l/min.

A wide choice of durable steel spray booms is available, from 24 to 30m (double-folding) and 24 to 40m (triple-folding).

For those who require additional spec levels, there are optional intelligent solutions for more accurate and efficient spraying

A particularly innovative development is the "PowerSpray" solution system that features two hydraulically-driven centrifugal pumps.

The first fills the sprayer at up to 1200 l/min, while the second 1000-l/min spraying pump has direct rate control for fast changes of application rate and the highest spraying accuracy.


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