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Monday 25 September 2017

Mzuri roll out updated strip till and straw rake systems

Mzuri demonstrates its 6m one pass drill used in conservation tillage.
Mzuri demonstrates its 6m one pass drill used in conservation tillage.

Specialists in conservation tillage, Mzuri Ltd demonstrated their newly updated six metre Pro-Til Select strip-till drill, as well as the firm's four metre trailed unit and the Rezult straw rake.

The Pro-Til 6T is a six metre one-pass soil cultivation system that allows users to seed in a choice of 353mm or 706mm widths in order to maximise on light penetration all the way down to the root of the crop, resulting in a healthier, bushier plant and higher yields.

In addition to the variable inter-row setting, Mzuri claims the Select series offers all the benefits associated with the standard Pro-Til machine. These include high leg clearance, enabling it to work with large amounts of surface straw without blockages, independent ground-following leading and seeding tines to ensure a clean strip of friable soil and excellent seed depth control and reconsolidating wheels behind each tine for perfect seed to soil contact.

The Select 6T and Pro-Til 4T models demonstrated were fitted with the latest design spring-loaded pivoting discs which for better straw clearance and a fertiliser placement option behind the leading tine.

The units also featured the new electro-hydraulic drill management system which offers full ISOBUS compatibility, variable seed rate integration and monitoring, improved hydraulic efficiencies and ease of use.

Used as part of the wider soil management strategy, a conservation tillage system can quickly improve soil fertility and increase worm counts as only a narrow band of soil is tilled leaving the previous crop residue and straw on the surface and the untilled soil structure intact.

While the system presents big challenges and requires a hands on approach, recognised benefits include reduced soil compaction through reduced traffic, less fuel costs, better moisture retention and improved drainage.

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