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Saturday 22 October 2016

'Keep sheep scheme simple' - ICSA

Published 24/05/2016 | 02:30

ICSA president Patrick Kent.
ICSA president Patrick Kent.

The new €25m funding for the sheep sector must not be tied into climate measures like the Beef Data and Genomics Programme, it has been urged.

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As the farm bodies met with Agriculture Minister Michael Creed, the ICSA said there were a number of issues within the sheep sector that would make it more complicated to tie it into a scheme like the one rolled out for sucklers but the money must be delivered fast. The ICSA's Paddy Kent said they did get clarity that the monies did not have to be tied into a BDGP-type scheme.

Mr Kent said they also made it clear they did not want the crisis reserve fund being used for under-pressure dairy farmers at the expense of beef, sheep and grain farmers. "It really is robbing farmers to pay other farmers," he said. The ICMSA warned a more proactive approach was needed to deal with the slump that was wiping out dairy farm incomes.

ICMSA presidentJohn Comer raised the possibility of an EU-funded and voluntary milk reduction scheme to pay farmers 10c/l for reduced production.

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