Farm Ireland

Tuesday 25 July 2017

Keenan’s keeps title PACE

Carlow-based Keenan's has won the Dr Alban Davies Trophy at the recent Royal Welsh Show for their PACE (Performance Acceleration and Control Enhancement) system.

This award is for the New Machine, Implement or Device, which is likely to be of most benefit to Welsh farming.

According to the firm, PACE takes account of the production, feeds and forage requirements of the farmer. It controls the quantities of materials, the loading sequences and processing times required to produce the optimum Mech-fiber™ mix in its diet feeder.

It is an IT-based technology that Keenan's says can be retrofitted to their six- paddle Keenan mixer.

Keenan's states that the judges said PACE is the most innovative development they have seen in a long time.

Irish Independent