Farm Ireland

Saturday 19 August 2017

FF offer forum to gauge views on CAP reform

Fianna Fáil are organising a series of meetings over the coming weeks to gauge opinions on CAP reform.

"Many farmers are still unaware of the various options put forward by Commissioner Ciolos, Minister Coveney and the Rapporteur of the European Parliament, Carlos Santos," said Fianna Fáil's agriculture spokesman, Eamon Ó Cuív.

"It is not possible to get a consensus from farmers by attending four regional meetings as the Minister has done. Farmers in more isolated areas found it impossible to attend these and it is my intention therefore to criss-cross the country over the coming months," he said.

Mr Ó Cuív said he was open-minded as to what shape the CAP reforms should take and believes it is far too early in the negotiations to come down in favour of any particular proposal.

"We must move away from the situation where a very small number of farmers get a disproportionate amount of public money to subsidise their farm enterprises," he said.


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