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Thursday 21 September 2017

Exemptions must be implemented: ó Cuív

Fianna Fáil TD éamon ó Cuív described the ferocious January weather events as the "perfect storm".

"We had several weeks of bad weather, combined with a spring tide and high winds at the peak of the tide that caused enormous damage even in areas that would be normally protected from storms, such as Roundstone in Co Galway," he said.

Mr ó Cuív said there were around 3,000 herd owners in Connemara and the vast majority of those had strips of land running down to the coast that was damaged by the sea during the storms.

"Aside from the permanent loss of some of their land that was literally washed out to sea, these farmers are now out of compliance for Department inspections and will have to get their area aid maps adjusted," he said.

"We had the Department of Agriculture mapping people sending out letters about 0.01ha before the storms and now some farmers have lost up to 0.1ha.

"This is going to be a huge problem," he warned.

"I am calling for anyone affected to be exempt from penalty where the storms caused damage to their farms."

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