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Friday 9 December 2016

Demand for breeding stock up

Sheep marts

Joe Healy

Published 18/10/2011 | 05:00

The sheep trade at the marts remained very firm over the past week, with nice ewe lambs coming out the best. Farmers were willing to pay up to €130/hd for ewes ready to go to the ram. Live shippers were also quite active, paying €2-2.20/kg for 45-50kg ram lambs.

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Factory and butcher types sold for €47-57 over the weight, while the general run of stores made €40-54 over the weight in the range €60-95/hd. Ewe hoggets sold for €150-180/hd, with older breeding ewes making anything from €100-160/hd. Cull ewes fit for slaughter sold for €90-130, while plain types for feeding made €40-80. There were one or two reports of lamb numbers slowing down a little.

A big sale in Athenry on Saturday resulted in prices increasing by €2-4/hd. Good well-fleshed lambs of 46-55kg sold for €50-57 over the weight, while lighter lots made €40-50 over. Ram lambs for export sold for €57 over the €/kg.

Heavy lambs at Fermoy Mart generally sold for €50-60 over the weight, with a top price of €64 over.

Tullow had 1,740 sheep on offer. Fat lambs met a steady trade, making €47-55 over or €93-104/hd. Store lambs sold for €35-53 over and ewe lambs made €55-78 with the weight, or €90-126/hd.

A small entry of cull ewes sold for €34-98/hd. Ewe hoggets made €150-178. Older ewes sold for €110-170/hd.


Dowra Mart had 1,800 sheep for sale. The trade improved slightly, with lowland store lambs making €75-95 each and mountain store lambs €55-75.

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Ewe lambs for breeding ranged in price from €100-120 each, while ewe hoggets made €140-180 each. Cull ewes for feeding traded at €45-70, while a few pens of heavy fleshy ewes made €80-110.

Blackface ewes for breeding sold for €52-105/hd at Maam Cross. Ewe hoggets made €105-140. Cross-bred lambs made €52-95 or €1.90-2.15/kg. Blackface wether lambs sold for €35-64/hd. Prices for cull ewes ran from €40-65.

There were 2,300 sheep on offer at Carnew Mart, where lamb supplies are starting to tighten. Best demand was for ewe lambs, with prices improving by €2-3/hd to a range of €82-130 or €50-85 over the €/kg. Stores sold for €65-92 or €42-54 over their weight.

Butcher and factory lots sold for €51-57 with the weight.

Prices for cull ewes ranged from €65-117. In the breeding section, the ewe hoggets made €128-175 while older breeding ewes sold for €100-160 each.

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