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Friday 9 December 2016

Cattle marts: Fresh heifers in good demand

Joe Healy

Published 01/02/2011 | 05:00

Quality stock remains in demand as some marts reported prices for that type of stock to be up on recent weeks. Good continental, young suckler cows with a calf at foot proved to be great sellers. Young suckler calves, including the Friesian bull calves, also met a strong trade. Some dairy cows are beginning to appear at the moment.

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Taaffe auctioneers had a 1,700ga pedigree dairy sale in Tubbercurry last week, where calved heifers freely made €1,800-2,300. Older cows made up to €1,700. Heifers for bulling sold to a top price of €1,200, while two-month-old heifer calves made up to €730.

Wexford Farmers' Mart reported that, with plenty of customers, demand for both bullocks and heifers held strong. It had a full clearance of the 610 cattle on offer and well-fleshed steers made €310-674 over.

Stores sold for €270-595 over. In the heifer section, the beef and butcher types made €280-600 over, while unfinished lots sold for €230-480 over. Top cull cows made up to €485 over with the rest sold from this back to €115 over.

Ballymote had its biggest sale since the turn of the New Year. Keen farmer demand led to good prices for all store bullocks. The forward types sold for €300-480 over their weight, while lighter lots sold for €200-455 with the weight.

Heifers were also a strong trade as forward feeding and breeding types made the most and sold for up to €565 with the weight. Plainer lots sold back to as low as €200 over. Dry cows made from €150 under for backward Friesian types for further feeding up to €300 over for well-fleshed cows suitable for immediate slaughter.

Quality bulls over 600kg sold for €355-675 over the weight in Raphoe.

Beef bullocks made €465-745 over. Store prices sold for €200-600 over. Fat heifers made €275-725 over their weight, while the stores sold for €200-520 over. The best of the cull cows made €1,320. Plainer and lighter lots sold back to €445.

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Balla Mart had its end-of-month continental sale on Saturday with 1,023 cattle on offer. There was a good trade for most types, especially the heifers, which were up by €20-50/hd.

Steers made €200-640 over. Bull weanlings ranged from €280-580 over the weight, while heifers sold from €250 over up to a top price of €820 over. The top price for cull cows was €1,410.

Suckler cows with a calf at foot made €1,000-1,560 for the best of the lots on offer.

A Special U & R Grade Weanling sale, in conjunction with the normal cattle sale, will be held next Saturday, while on the following Saturday there will be another special sale of suckler cows, in-calf heifers and heifers suitable for breeding .

Kilkenny had a solid trade and quality cattle were the best sold. A special sale of suckler cows saw a top price of €1,380.

In Ballinakill, fancy outlying continental store bullocks of 600kg sold for €1,200, while the general run for store bullocks and heifers was €300-550 and €300-475 respectively.

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