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Tuesday 21 February 2017

Cattle Marts: An improved trade for stores and forward types

Joe Healy

Published 10/08/2010 | 05:00

MOST marts are reporting an improvement in trade, especially for store cattle and specifically for forward types. Numbers on offer are holding strong.

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Prices were firm at Wexford Farmers' Mart last Tuesday, with a fast selling trade for all classes but especially for forward store bullocks and heifers. The store bullocks and the beef heifers made €220-490 with the weight, while the store heifers sold for €205-395 over. Beef bullocks made €285-525 with the weight. Prices for the cull cows varied from €75 under to €345 over.

Demand for the young calves was strong with prices steady. Continental bull calves made €140-395, while the heifers sold for around €20-30 behind that.

Beef bullocks made €460-620 over in Raphoe Mart on Thursday, while the store bullocks sold for €240-565 over. The heavy, fleshy heifers made €310-615 with their weight, while store-type heifers sold for €220-415 over. Cull cows made €525-1,120/hd.

Good R-type weanling bulls for the home trade in Ennis Mart made €1.90-2/kg, while the slightly plainer Rs made €1.80/kg (€250 over). Prices for the R-grade heifers were in the €1.80-2 bracket. The plainer heifers sold for €1.70-1.80/kg. Good Belgium Blue heifers made up to €2.50/kg.

Prices across the board were up by €40/hd in Balla Mart for the 700 cattle on offer. Store bullocks made €250-550 with the weight while plainer lots made €200-420 over. Bull weanlings sold for €300-580 over.

The best of the store and weanling heifers made €220-500 over the weight. Dry cows were in good demand, with the good quality lots making €150-550 over. The best of the suckler cows with calves at foot made €1,100-1,400, while older cows with calves made from €800/hd.

Balla Mart is holding a special U- and R-grade weanling sale this Saturday.

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Kilkenny Mart had 600 cattle for sale where the opinion was that the improvement in beef prices resulted in a better trade for store cattle.

Heavy steers over 600kg made €285-575 along with the weight, while the continentals made €1.67-1.82/kg and the plainer, blackish types €1.35-1.45/kg. Steers from 400-600kg sold for €200-420 with the weight while plain Friesians struggled to make €100 over.

Store heifers made €150-355 over, while good continental types made €1.70-2/kg. Friesian cull cows sold from €140 under to €265 over, while the continentals made €50-310 over.

Dowra Mart had 220 cattle on offer last Saturday and a strong trade and full clearance were reported. Forward store heifers and bullocks made €300-550 with their weight for the best of the lots while plainer types made €200-300 over.

Weanling bulls sold for €300-500 over, while the lighter lots made €200-400 over. The best of the weanling heifers made €250-550 over. Dry cows also met a strong trade as the best of the young cows made €150-350 over, while the older cows sold for €50-150 over. Cows with calves at foot made €1,100-1,350 for the younger pairs. Older cows with calves at foot made €800-1,000.

Ballymote had an improved trade this week, especially for forward heifers and bullocks, with more customers anxious for stock. Forward continental bullocks made €400-450 over. Lighter types made €200-305.

In the heifer section, quality forward stores of 400-500kg were in good demand and made €250-345 over, while lighter types made up to €380 over. Store cull cows sold from €50-135 over their weight.

The annual sale of autumn-born weanlings will be held next Friday at 11.30am.

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