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Monday 20 February 2017

Cattle marts: All stock categories stay strong as heifers increase by €10-20/hd

Joe Healy

Published 08/02/2011 | 11:53

Marts reported a continuing strong trade for all categories this week, with heifer prices up by €10-20/hd in some sale yards, while farmer and exporter interest in suckler calves led to improved prices for all breeds.

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Despite some pressure on beef prices at the factories, the mart trade for fat stock remains lively.

Dairy cows also continued to sell well, despite the threat of a super levy.

At Ennis mart, milky cows made €1,100-1,480 each. It was a similar story in Fermoy, where youngish freshly calved cows sold for €1,280-1,480.

Balla Mart had a special U- and R-grade weanling sale on Saturday in conjunction with the usual cattle sale. With 1,230 animals on offer, heifers were well up and the best lots were up €20-30/hd.

Quality store heifers made €320-675 over. Heavier lots made up to €700 with their weight. Store bullocks made €240-550 with the weight while plainer lots sold for €200-360 over.

The best heavy bullocks made up to €705 with the €1/kg. Cull cows sold for €230-540 over their weight, young suckler cows with calves at foot made €1,000-1,640 while older types made €720 and upwards.

Beef bullocks at Wexford Farmers' Mart sold for €315-680 over the weight, while stores made €275-595. Beef and butcher heifers prices were up by €10-20/hd at prices of €300-615 with the €/kg. Store heifers made €235-490 over, while cull cows sold for €120-565 over the weight.

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There was strong farmer and exporter interest in the 145 suckler calves on offer. Strong Friesian bulls made up to a top price of €325/hd but prices started at €115/hd. Angus, Hereford and Continental bulls made €215-415 each while the heifers made €185-390.


Top-class bulls over 600kg sold for €310-715 over the weight up in Raphoe. Prices for beef bullocks ranged from €425-700 over, while stores made €250-580 over. Well-fleshed heifers sold for €250-610 over, while stores made €200-635 over.

Trade was brisk at Ballinakill for the 500 cattle on offer but particularly for the forward stores and culls. Heavy steers sold for €450-710 over the weight, while forward stores made €390-620 over and lighter lots sold for €350-575 over.

Prices for the fleshy heifers ran from €370-520 over the weight, with store prices back €70 on those figures. Weanling bulls made €300-430 over and weanling heifers made €250-385 over. Cull cow prices ranged from €1/kg up to €470 over, while suckler cows sold for €1,070-1,350.

Kilkenny had a smaller sale of 560hd but the trade was sharp, especially for better-quality stock. Heavy Continental steers over 600kg made up to €1.89/kg.

Angus steers made a top price of €1.96/kg, while Friesian bullocks of 400-600kg made €1.46-1.76/kg. Continentals in this weight range sold for €1.65-1.96/kg, while lighter Continental steers sold for €1.80-2.30/kg. Some top-quality Charolais lots made up to a high of €2.91/kg.

Factory and butcher heifers made up to €1.97/kg, with a range of €250-510 over their weight. Stores made €1.60-2.31/kg. Friesian cull cows sold from €50 under up to €180 over the weight.

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