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Tuesday 23 September 2014

Axion 800 shows its claas picking up two top awards

Published 27/11/2013 | 01:00

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The new Axion 800 tractor from Claas won two separate awards at the Agritechnica 2013 trade fair in Hanover -- 'Tractor of the Year 2014' and 'Machine of the Year 2014'.

The new Axion 800 tractor from Claas won two separate awards at the Agritechnica 2013 trade fair in Hanover -- 'Tractor of the Year 2014' and 'Machine of the Year 2014'.

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The prestigious Tractor of the Year prize is awarded every year by an independent jury of agricultural trade journalists.

"Receiving this award is a very special moment for us," said Jan-Hendrik Mohr, managing director of the sales division of Claas Global Sales, who accepted the award on behalf of the company.

"The award is extra special because we are currently celebrating 10 years of Claas tractors, as well as our 100-year company anniversary."

The Machine of the Year award is presented every two years.

This year, the prize in the large tractor category was awarded to Claas for its Axion 800 C-matic transmission.

Explaining its decision, the jury noted that "the stepless transmission is operated using the C-motion operating lever, which is one of the most ergonomic controls on the market.

"The Claas Cebis control terminal also allows the operator to make extensive adjustments. We particularly liked the simple engine/transmission management system.

"The easily-adjusted engine torque function for various types of operation lowers fuel consumption and increases economic efficiency."

The Axion 800 was launched in February and the first machines equipped with the Hexashift transmission are now also going on sale.

The range was extended with the launch of the new stepless transmission version of the Axion 800 C-matic at Agritechnica.


The Axion 850 is the most powerful in the four model range, which offer power outputs from 215hp to 264hp.

The success of the concept was also underlined by the latest DLG Powermix Test in which the Axion 850 achieved the best test result out of all tractors in the 200 -- 270hp class, with a fuel use result of 248g/kWh.

The 800 range features a long wheelbase, with 50/50 front/rear weight distribution and a wasp waist front axle design for an increased steering angle and optimum manoeuvrability. A spacious four-pillar cab design, which is fully suspended and is mounted further forward for greater visibility, is also new.

To meet stage IV emissions regulations, a six-cylinder Fiat Powertrain Technologies engine is fitted with a two-stage emissions system, consisting of a maintenance free diesel oxidation catalytic converter in combination with an SCR catalytic converter.

Claas claims the 6.7l engine features a wide 500rpm constant power band and 8pc more torque than current models.

As with the larger Axion 900, the 800 is built around a fully-integrated frame that uses a self-supporting crankcase and embedded sump.

This design allows a high capacity front linkage to be fitted without any additional bracing.

The 800 also features a new system to completely disengage the front PTO when it is not required, and so save fuel.

Until now, even when the front PTO is not engaged, the gears in the transmission still rotate and so use power.

The new mechanical clutch means that when the front PTO is not required, the entire front PTO transmission can be disconnected from the engine, which Claas says will save an additional 0.4 litres of diesel per hour.

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