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Wednesday 20 September 2017

'More than the smell of rotting chicken'

Marian Harkin
Marian Harkin
Darragh McCullough

Darragh McCullough

Senator Ronan Mullen said that he was troubled by Alo Mohan's contention that "he lost out on €25,000 per year because he did not participate in various VAT arrangements".

"The report goes on to state Mr Mohan ceased trading with his processor late last year and has since failed to find a new purchaser for his birds.

"Ms Harkin describes Mr Mohan as a "law abiding man, concerned only with doing the right thing," yet his family business of 60 years is no longer trading. It is actually worse than this. This farmer is no longer able to earn a livelihood from what was a very well kept and high quality farm," Senator Mullen told the Senate.

"Are we talking about an abuse of power? If the man in question and his farm family in Co Cavan have done nothing wrong, why do they not have an outlet for their produce?

"Are they being blackballed by their previous processor who is not an individual but, I believe, Carton Brothers and Manor Farm in Shercock, Co Cavan? Where are the other processors?" he asked.

"I am raising a matter of serious public concern and want to know what is going on. There is a smell and it is more than the smell of rotting chicken.

"We have heard from the Minister for Finance, but now we need to hear from the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

"There is something going on and I ask the Leader to ensure the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine and his Department will look into it."

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