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Budget 2013: Twitter goes wild over tax on wine

Published 05/12/2012 | 16:36

AS soon as Michael Noonan began revealing this year’s Budget, Twitter began to buzz as people gave their reaction.

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The measure which grabbed much focus was the €1 increase in duty on a bottle of wine.

Property tax has also captured many people’s attention - however, with these changes already well leaked in advance, the surprise €1 on their bottle of plonk was what seemed for many to be Budget 2013’s nastiest surprise.

Here are some of the most amusing tweets sent out during the Budget speech:

Colm Tobin@colmtobin:

This is sounding like a eulogy already. #budget13


No complaining now. It's time to take your medicine. Unless you're a banker. Or a politician. #budget13

Colm Tobin@colmtobin:

So we're changing car regs. because next year is 2013? What's next - penalty points for breaking mirrors and driving under ladders? #budget


Like an idiot I bought a million Euro home, had a baby and took up smoking today. #budget13

On the Grapevine@Dalkeywine:

Anyone want to buy a wine shop?

Philip O'Rourke.@PiperHawk:

Lol... I think Minister Rabbit actually believes that there are two parties in government. #budget13

Aodhán Ó Ríordáin TD@AodhanORiordain:

Not the budget we wanted, but certainly not the budget Fine Gael wanted either. Over €600million in wealth taxes. #budget13

Patrick Russell@paruss:

Bloody disgrace, I voted for Fine Gael as the promised no increase in income tax, this is an sneaky increase in disguise. #budget13

Mark Slyman@theslugger:

I'm down 156 euro a year on wine alone. #Budget13 which is more than the household tax


I've agreed with the wife, if Noonan calls around for tea later we're not putting out the good biscuits. 'F**k him' she said. #budget13

Stephen Dunne@StephenEamonn:

Got to admire the vocabulary Fianna Fáil are using to dance around the fact that this horrible budget is their fault. #budget13

Claire Byrne@cebyrne:

Is €1 on wine a sad indictment of Irish alcohol consumption? They must know we buy loads of it and expect we will continue to do so.

Marc Peter Coleman@MarcPColeman:

The failure to exempt those who paid a lifetime's property tax in stamp duty is a total failure of policy design #budget13

Joanne Betty Conlon@pixelatedbetty:

Remember when you boasted about the high value of your house. Now boast about how worthless it hopefully is #Budget13

Derek O'Flaherty@Rathbaner

Looks like the € on a bottle of wine is a spectacularly successful diversion from the real brutality of #budget13

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