Wednesday 20 September 2017

A cyclist who trusts his own instincts

The most broke I have ever been was... "I don't think anybody has ever asked me that before! It was probably as a student, I had no money. I wasn't starving but I couldn't afford to come down to London... that kind of thing."

A piece of advice that I'd give my younger self is... "Trust your instincts. Write what you feel, draw what you see and follow your instincts. Three incredibly difficult things to do. I mostly followed mine."

The last good meal I had... "was here at the Caledonia Club with Sir Alex and his wife! You always want to be able to answer that question with your previous meal. It was grouse."

My hobbies are... "Cycling and painting. Last year I did a silly thing - I rode from Venice to Geneva over seven days. I really wouldn't recommend that to any of your readers. Ride your bikes in Ireland - there are not so many mountains."

My biggest vice is... "90pc dark chocolate. Taken two times a day, orally."

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