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UN calls for reunification of Mali

Published 29/11/2012 | 07:59

United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon called for political dialogue in Mali

UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon is calling for urgent action to help Mali's government and people reunify the country, first by promoting political reconciliation and as a last resort by a military operation to oust hardline extremists and criminal elements from the north.

Mali was plunged into turmoil in March after a coup in the capital created a security vacuum.

That allowed Tuareg rebels to take half the north. But months later, the rebels were kicked out by Islamist groups allied with al Qaida.

In a report to the UN Security Council circulated late on Wednesday, Mr Ban said that before any military action is launched, the focus must be on initiating a broad-based political dialogue to agree on a roadmap for a transition and addressing the long standing grievances of the Tuaregs.

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