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Actor playing gunman shot dead

Published 01/11/2010 | 11:40

Filipino actor Kirk Abella was fatally shot by a watchman who mistook him for a real assassin.

A village watchman in the Philippines mistook an actor playing a masked gunman in a British film for a real assassin and shot him dead.

Watchman Eddie Cuizon tried to stop Filipino actor Kirk Abella on Saturday then shot him as the actor was directed to speed away on a motorcycle with a masked rider, said local police chief Alexis Relado.

Cuizon, 52, told police he was sleeping and was woken up by a resident who said there were armed men in the area.

He told police he saw two masked men on a motorcycle and approached them but they sped away and he stumbled as he tried to stop them, injuring his knee. He fired at Mr Abella when the actor pulled out a gun, which turned out to be made of plastic.

Many street killings in the Philippines, including those of political activists and journalists, have been carried out by motorcycle-riding gunmen.

Mr Abella, 32, was acting in "Going Somewhere," being filmed by British theatre and film director Alan Lyddiard in Cebu.

It was supposed to be the final take of a scene where Mr Abella's character was to be involved in a drive-by shooting.

Mr Abella died in a hospital and Cuizon immediately surrendered to the police after he realised what happened. He was charged with murder.

Volunteer watchmen in communities around the country help police keep the peace, patrol the streets and implement curfews. They are normally armed only with batons and are not supposed to carry firearms.

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