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Woman and pet dog rescued from sea

Published 18/12/2012 | 11:39

A woman was rescued from the water off Courtown after she climbed in to save her pet dog Holly (RNLI/PA)

A 29-year-old woman and her Jack Russell dog had to be rescued from a freezing harbour after she climbed in to save her pet.

The woman was in the water off Courtown, Co Wexford, for 20 minutes at about 10.45pm on Monday after her terrier Holly went in off the end of the pier.

The woman lowered herself 15 feet into the water using a lifebuoy and rope but due to the near freezing temperature she was unable to climb out.

She was spotted by a passer-by who called the local Courtown RNLI volunteer lifeboat crew.

Crew member Aine Stafford said the man had been in his car and heard screams from the water as the woman was being pulled out to sea by strong currents.

"We would advise people against going into the water after their pets as this can lead to a tragic outcome. The RNLI will launch to rescue anyone in difficulty and that does include pets and animals in trouble," she said.

"We hope Holly and her owner enjoy their Christmas."

The RNLI crew said rescuers were delighted with the happy ending and that Holly and her owner were recovering well.

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