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Street-level crime maps launched

Published 17/12/2012 | 14:44

Chief Constable Matt Baggott has warned that dissident organisations are in a ‘bizarre competition’ to raise profile

New crime maps detailing offences reported in Northern Ireland on a street by street basis have been launched online.

Members of the public will be able to assess how safe or otherwise an area is using the postcode search service.

The maps, which are updated on a monthly basis, outline data on 11 categories of offence - burglary; anti-social behaviour; robbery; vehicle crime; violent crime; public disorder and weapons; shoplifting; criminal damage and arson; other theft; drugs; and other crime.

The resource also provides contact details for neighbourhood police officers working in each area.

Northern Ireland has been incorporated into an internet site already providing the crime mapping service for England and Wales.

Chief Constable Matt Baggott said the innovation was part of the PSNI's drive to place the community at the heart of its service.

He said he hoped it would increase interaction between police and the public.

"This new website has been designed to provide the public with the latest information about crime and anti-social behaviour in their local areas, right down to street level," he said.

"We want this information to help promote informed engagement between the public, their local neighbourhood police officers and partner organisations to identify local solutions to local issues."

Steps have been taken to protect the identity and addresses of crime victims, so an incident will not be linked to a specific house or property, instead the street on which it happened.

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