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Martin urges 'democratic renewal'

Published 02/12/2012 | 15:19

Micheal Martin says the way the country is governed will not be changed substantially

The constitutional convention will not substantially change how the country is governed, Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin claimed.

Mr Martin called for "democratic renewal" which would reduce the Government's stranglehold on almost all political decisions.

On Saturday the convention began its deliberations and the Taoiseach has pledged to give a public response to each recommendation from the convention within four months of receiving it.

Mr Martin said: "Nothing in the agenda imposed by Government would change any substantive aspect of how this country is governed.

"Not one power held by Government or the Oireachtas would be altered.

"No attempt would be undertaken to reconnect the people to their democracy."

Mr Kenny has said if the Government accept a recommendation that the constitution should be amended, its response will include a timeframe for the holding of the necessary referendum.

Mr Martin, addressing an audience in Wexford, said thoughts will soon turn to the events which founded the state.

"The best way to commemorate those events would be to undertake a genuine programme of democratic renewal, starting with moves to reduce the stranglehold which Government has on nearly every political decision in our country," he said.

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