Friday 20 October 2017

'Eleventh Night' bonfires expected to light up the North

Tonight is the 'Eleventh Night' in the North when traditionally loyalists light huge bonfires on the eve of the Orange "Twelfth" marches.

Each year, there is a controversy over what is burnt on the fires which include old car tyres that give off carcinogenic fumes.

Eleventh night bonfires date back to the fires lit on the eve of the 1690 battle of the Boyne by King William's army.

Thousands gather every year around the towering infernos which, in modern days, are used to burn all sorts of rubbish including old sofas and car tyres.

The Orange Order is trying to encourage its followers not to create stinking carcinogenic fumes or to build fires close to roads or houses but it will take some time for the message to sink in.

This year the Fire Brigade will once again be busy damping down fires that get out of control while hospital accident and emergency units will also have their busiest night of the year.

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