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The Fashion Jury: Verdicts on the Golden Globes red carpet

Published 13/01/2014 | 13:03

Sofia Veraga  in  Zac Posen
Sofia Veraga  in  Zac Posen
Sandra Bullock in Prabal Gurung
Reese Witherspoon in Calvin Klein.
Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior
Olivia Wilde in Valentino.
Lena Dunham in Zac Posen
Amy Adams in Valentino
Emma Watson in Christian Dior
Julia Roberts in Dolce & Gabbana
Heidi Klum in Marchesa

Hollywood celebrities strutted their way down the Golden Globes red carpet last night, with opinion divided on the looks. We give our verdict on ten of the dresses making headlines this morning.

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1. Sandra Bullock in Prabal Gurung


Fionuala McCarthy: Love the daring colour block on 49-year-old Sandra and the intricate hemline. She looks comfortable in the dress (which had a belt on the runway), and she's kept hair and make-up simple to let the dress make it's impact. HIT

Caitlin McBride: It kills me to say this because I adore Sandra Bullock, but this is one of the biggest misses for me. Too many colours and too much clashing. Hair and makeup is immaculate though. MISS

Mark McConville: She is looking well for her age but I'm not overly fussed with the dress and the low cut is too much. MISS


2. Reese Witherspoon in Calvin Klein



Fionuala McCarthy: Sorry Reese, but this  dress looks like a swimsuit, and the sporty racer back is a total no-no. Not liking the blunt bob razor cut and where are the accessories?   Not a red carpet look at all. MISS

Caitlin McBride: I feel as if Reese is really uncomfortable in this. The fabric and cut do nothing for her figure and I agree with Fionnuala -I'd prefer her with a less severe hair cut. MISS

Mark McConville: I like this. She's got a nice figure and the dress shows it off. HIT


3. Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior



Fionuala McCarthy:

After last year's mishap, this  white strapless gown  was a safe option for the 23-year-old. Like the way it separates into three parts with black strips but it's overall a bit meh. MISS

Caitlin McBride: I'm still torn over this - technically, there's nothing wrong with it but it's really nothing right either. I think the dress swamps her and the accessories are all over the place. But, it's Jennifer Lawrence and by default, I give it a HIT

Mark McConville: I normally like Jennifer Lawrence because she's gorgeous, but here she looks like she threw an old wedding dress on and tied it up with a couple of black bands. I also prefer her with longer hair, but she still has that killer smile. MISS


4. Olivia Wilde in Gucci



Fionnuala McCarthy: This is how you dress a  six month old baby bump. This sheath hugs the mum-to-be in all the right places, but remains sleek and comfortable looking. Maybe time to move on from the balayage though. HIT

Caitlin McBride: Olivia is my overall winner of the night. She looks sensational. I wouldn't change a thing. HIT

Mark McConville: Olivia Wilde is looking great for a woman six months pregnant and is no doubt going on top of the MILF list for this year. HIT


5. Lena Dunham in Zac Posen


Fionnuala McCarthy: Lena proves that  va va voom dresses can be worn by any shape and size.  The Girls star looks fantastic in the canary mermaid tail gown  - and her tattoos look great too with it.  HIT

Caitlin McBride: I don't know where to start - it's about one size too small and does absolutely nothing for her curves. The colour takes away from her complexion and I am dying to pull her shoulders back and improve her posture.  MISS

Mark McConville: Wrong in every way. Not a fan. MISS


6.  Amy Adams in Valentino


Fionnuala McCarthy:  Love, love the contrast of colors in the dress, with a deep shade of elegant red on top with a fun red on the bottom half. It sets off Amy's alabaster skin tone perfectly, finished off with the low hanging diamond pendant.  HIT

Caitlin McBride: I love everything about this dress and fits her like a glove. I would have preferred her hair down - sleek and straight, but for me, it's still a HIT

Mark McConville: This is great. She looks well, the dress clings to the right areas and the low cut works for her. HIT

7. Emma Watson in Christian Dior


Fionnuala McCarthy: Emma Watson looks like she tried on this dress over what she was wearing. It's half a dress and totally hideous. 


Caitlin McBride: Nothing is wright about this. Why is she wearing leggings? Why is there a high slit up the centre of her skirt? She needs to throw it away and forget it ever happened. MISS

Mark McConville: Emma Watson is a good looking girl but this outfit ruins it all. Trousers and a dress together? Not a chance. MISS


8. Sofia Vergara  in  Zac Posen


Fionnuala McCarthy: If anyone was going to do old style Hollywood glamour, it was Sofia Vergara. The Colombian actress team a very full gown with a chunky turquoise necklace. It shouldn't work, but t does. HIT

Caitlin McBride: This dress is stunning and will never go out of style. I would have preferred more elegant accessories, but I still give her kudos for trying to add something different. HIT

Mark McConville: This woman just oozes sex appeal. Sofia Vergara is a stunner and the dress looks great on her. HIT

9. Julia Roberts in Dolce & Gabbana


Fionnuala McCarthy: That old what to wear dilemma. Julia couldn't make her mind up so opted to wear a white shirt, sparkley belt and black bandeau dress. If a French actress wore it, we'd all be copying it, so I am going to say HIT

Caitlin McBride: I haven't seen Julia in a gown in so long, I would have loved to see her in something more classic. Throw out the white shirt and belt and that strapless black gown would have been perfect. I adore her hair though. MISS

Mark McConville: Not a fan of a shirt under a dress and even though it’s Julia Roberts, she still can’t pull it off. MISS


10. Heidi Klum in Marchesa


Fionnuala McCarthy: Can't  believe this was designed by Marchesa, it looks like a number Heidi might have worn in the 1980's. And we wont even comment on the tassle necklace. MISS

Caitlin McBride: No thank you. To any of it. Let's take it all back and start from the beginning. MISS

Mark McConville: Heidi Klum looking as young as ever. A nicely fitting dress that shows off her curves is always going be a winner. HIT

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