Monday 21 April 2014

Could you be the 'perfect' girlfriend?

Singer Cheryl Cole is the face of L’Oreal on TV and in print.
Brunette Cheryl Cole possibly enjoys Match of the Day and is a fan of Corrie

THE 'perfect' girlfriend is apparently a 5 ft 5 inch brunette with an Irish accent, who likes Man Utd.

A survey carried out by a UK App Lovoo has come up with a profile for the 'ideal' girlfriend. 

The study took the views of 2,000 British men who voted that their 'dream' woman  would enjoy Game of Thrones, a roast dinner, and to top it off would speak with an Irish accent.

The full list of specifications of the dream woman are that she be  -

  • A  nurse or teacher
  • Five foot five inches tall, with 34C chest
  • Weigh 9 ½ stone
  • Have an Irish accent
  • Drive a mini cooper
  • Love meat, especially roast dinners  
  • Manchester Utd fan, who loves Dirty Dancing
  • A Game of Thrones fan, but must also enjoy Coronation Street, Friends and Match of the Day
  • Adventurous in the bedroom
  • Happy to wear skinny jeans or miniskirts
  • Subtle with her make-up
  • Tattoo-less

Here are the five women we think potentially fit the bill in 'top girlfriend' material:


Xpose's Lisa Cannon knows her movies and has that all important Irish accent



Teacher Aoibhinn Ni Shuilleabhain could be the perfect girlfriend





Brunette Kelly Brook fits the bill of perfect girlfriend



Amanda Byram is sporty and subtle with her make-up




Brunette Cheryl Cole possibly enjoys Match of the Day and is a fan of Corrie





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