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And so it begins... #GrandStretch starts trending online

Published 30/03/2014 | 19:33

#GrandStretch (Photo by Orlagh Grandon/Twitter)
#GrandStretch (Photo by Orlagh Grandon/Twitter)

An extra hour of light in the evening doesn’t go unnoticed in our wee country so it wasn’t going to be long before #GrandStretch started trending on Twitter.

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Another  hour of daytime this evening seems to have already made up for the hour less sleep the country had last night, or at least judging by social media network Twitter.

“#GrandStretch in the evening” one person wrote, tweeting the phrase every Irish household will comment on this evening.

However, it isn’t all smiles and premature plans for summer barbecues in another household; “Feck the #GrandStretch,” one joked, “What will get the child to bed, "but it's still bright". Where is that bottle of dozol”

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